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jscott 05-11-2013 11:36 PM

Anyone into Bitcoins?
Anyone into Bitcoins?

I think it's pretty amazing thing, and want to be a part of it. There are really big companies, investors, and people (over a $billion invested into it so far).

It's decentralized digital currency, seems pretty neat to me :)

Any opinions?
anyone investing into it soon, or have already?

js69 05-11-2013 11:46 PM

I am interested from a business point of view. Can't quite wrap my head around it, but at the moment, I kinda think its like day trading....way more losers than winners.
Hell, you could get lucky and rich, but by the time this shit filters down to guys like us, the killings have been made.
GFY is all over this because they are not making what they expected in porn. Not a good sign imho.

Toby 05-12-2013 01:01 AM

The banking industry isn't going to allow this to survive. Only a matter of time until steps are taken to either shut it down or severely cripple it with regulations.

js69 05-12-2013 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by Toby (Post 9810)
The banking industry isn't going to allow this to survive. Only a matter of time until steps are taken to either shut it down or severely cripple it with regulations.

I'm with Toby. Capitalism will beat the fuck out of e money of any description....or co-opt it. You can only twist the tail of tiger so long until it bites your head off.
Kinda like the 3d printable gun.

jscott 05-12-2013 03:41 AM

If what you guys say is true, it would be such a shame, and would be another of many proofs that US gov is fueled by greed :(

I really hope to see it succeed. Maybe can even meet in the middle somehow where US can get their hands on some of the $/tax'd or something somehow, I dunno.

For now, it's way early, so we just sit back and see how this plays out.

Do you guys think it's bad though? I'm curious as to your personal opinions about it :)

js69 05-12-2013 06:00 AM

Is it bad? hmmmm. I think its a game changer. I think its an amazing 21st century concept. I think it will change the way we look at wealth. I believe its coming like freight train down a track and whether I care about whether its good or bad is irrelevant....kinda like cell phones.

Toby 05-14-2013 02:39 PM



I think the fat lady is warming up, getting ready to sing.

jscott 05-15-2013 02:54 AM

Great to hear, can't wait to buy if the price gets lower :)

NinjaSteve 05-18-2013 10:40 AM

I think Bitcoins could be part of an online economic future but the daily value fluctuation is unstable. And some strange Government style regulation tactics are happening (as Toby pointed out). Marketplace Fairness Act is coming up (another link) that could make all US companies doing online transactions in America pay taxes across state borders.


The Senate passed a bill Monday night aimed at making it easier for states to collect sales taxes for online purchases, but its final prospects remain uncertain.
And then the US they seized the US money from MTGox via Dwolla, but that doesn't appear to have hurt the price of Bitcoin.

jscott 07-21-2017 09:16 AM

checking in... anyone changed their minds about BTC or still sitting on the same opinions?

Bitcoin still so new, volatile, and being attacked 24/7 from government, media, hackers, haters, forking issues (recent segwit/bip/etc), competitors but it's decentralized currency with low fees than banks with no 3rd party necessary for remitting any amounts of value, how can this not be cool?

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