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jscott 05-26-2017 06:33 PM

SNRCash removing promo for sites
Got this email, letting ya'll know ;)


We've decided to trim the fat so to speak on SNRCash. We removed promo
materials for some of our sites that are no longer updating or don't
convert as well as our others. We want affiliates to focus on our top
converting sites that are still updating and current. Ultimately that will
benefit everyone, but don't fret, if you still need former promo materials,
you can always contact us http://www.snrcash.com/contact.php

The sites that we've removed from SNRCash are CamerellaCams, CamShowsOnly, ClassyCams, ElouisePlease, FemmeFetish, GlamourVegas, HotCamGuys, and VeraBaby. *Please remove any promo materials you have up of ElouisePlease as she's gone a different direction with her website.* Feel free to still promote any of our other sites as you wish.

We have some exciting new features (Premium Snapchat subscriptions) and
sites coming to SNRCash in the very near future so stay tuned. Thank you
for your continued support. Let's make some money!

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